In any economy, the creation of a bio venture is a complex process. Choosing where to incubate your concept, or expand an established company is a crucial decision. There are many reasons why you should choose Alberta!

A Flourishing Bioindustry

Today, Alberta’s bio industry has over 150 companies and employs more than 4,500 people. Alberta has a unique business environment, which includes the collaborative forces of government, universities and industry partners working together to create and sustain a thriving bio industry.

Integrated Infrastructure  

Alberta has invested heavily in infrastructure to ensure people, business and research have the tools, facilities, focused networks and centres of excellence necessary to insure accessibility to resources, create effective partnerships, and build on our current strengths.

Alberta believes a Government’s traditional role of funding infrastructure for public use is critically important and necessary for continued growth and sustainability. In addition to concentrating on physical infrastructure, Alberta believes a solid financial and tax infrastructure is important to attracting, building and insuring stable economic growth and business success. You will see that lower taxes, access to resources and infrastructure that meet your overall needs is all the incentive you need to do business here.

Abundant Biomass  

Alberta has unparalleled access to tremendous renewable biomass resources that includes more than 106 million acres of forest and 52 million acres of agricultural land.

Financial Initiatives  

Numerous sources of funding fuel research, development and commercialization in Alberta to attract and strengthen venture capital investments in the province.

Research, Development and Commercialization  

Researchers in Alberta have access to and have created some of the most globally relevant technology in the world, housed at leading-edge universities and research institutions with scale-up and commercialization capacity.